The approach to store design and concept development is a multidisciplinary approach involving different disciplines such as architecture, design, psychology, marketing and retail.

The design department at Inventa Nordic A/S creates design and concept solutions that meet your specific wishes and needs. We develop new furniture concepts, design individual products and advise our customers.

Design is about creating an environment that attracts and engages customers, employees and reflects the brand and values of the company in question.

This involves the layout of the space, including product presentation, use of colors, lighting and materials, as well as signage and graphic design.

Concept development is about creating a unique and differentiated concept that stands out from the competition and appeals to the target audience. This can include developing an identity and story about the business, designing the concept with a focus on interior design and atmosphere.

An important factor in both store design and concept development is understanding customer needs, wants and behavior. This can be achieved through your own perception of the market and customer behavior.

Another important factor is to have a holistic perspective and think of design and concept development as part of the overall customer experience. This means creating coherence between physical premises, online channels and other touchpoints that customers interact with.

Finally, it is important for us to be up to date with the latest trends and tendencies in design and concept development, as well as having the ability to think creatively and innovatively to create unique and attractive user-friendly and functional environments.

A pragmatic approach to design and concept development means focusing on practical and effective solutions that can optimize the customer experience and increase sales.

By following these principles, a pragmatic approach to design and concept development can help create success that attracts and retains customers and increases sales.

Inventa Nordic A/S has its own production, but this does not limit our designs. The close relationship between design and production, choice of materials and surfaces only ensures that what we think can be implemented in practice.

By following these principles, we help you create a successful store that attracts and retains customers.

1. Understand your customer's needs

Before the design process begins, it's important to research and understand the needs and wants of the target audience. This can be done by conducting audience analysis and market research to identify customer behavior and preferences.

2. Efficient space utilization

Store design should maximize the use of space so that all areas of the store are optimally utilized. This can be achieved by creating a good balance between display space and inventory, as well as ensuring easy access to products and an efficient flow of customers through the store.

3. Focus on promotional elements

Store design should integrate promotional elements such as colors, lighting and signage to attract attention and guide customers to specific products or areas of the store.

4. Flexibility

The store design should be flexible and able to adapt to changes in the product range or seasonal variations. This can be achieved by using modular furniture and décor elements that can be adjusted or moved as needed.

5. Ergonomics and ease of use

The design should be user-friendly for both customers and employees. It should take ergonomic principles into account to ensure both physical and visual comfort. This can include the right shelf depths, comfortable seating for customers and ergonomic workstations for employees.

6. Technological integration

Modern stores should also integrate technological solutions to improve the customer experience, such as interactive displays, self-service checkouts or mobile payment solutions.

7. Goals and measurement

It's important to set goals for the store design and concept development, such as increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction or strengthened brand identity. These goals should be regularly evaluated and measured to ensure the design is meeting expectations.

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